Saving The Farm

Mutual Unconditional Love Leads to Marital Bliss

2 Days to go on Kickstarter

October 19th, 2012    Subscribe To Our Feed

Hello my beautiful Angels. My Kickstarter has come down to the final 2 days. “Saving the Farm” is about five diverse couples that attend a popular marriage counselling workshop in an attempt to save their failing relationships, while two young lovers are making a documentary film about the process. Suspended between their physical passion for each other and the specter of relationships unraveling before their camera’s lens, they struggle (along with everyone else) to find the true meaning of unconditional love.

Follow the link below to my Kickstarter page ( and pre-order your very own copy of the book and help the project get funded!  Many blessings!

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Mark Gregory Mitchell’s Posts About “Saving the Farm” On His Popular Blog

October 18th, 2012    Subscribe To Our Feed

My friend Mark Gregory Mitchell teaches children’s book illustration and has a great blog. Please read and follow his blog.  He wrote a nice piece about my Kickstarter campaign for “Saving the Farm” in his latest blog post. Thanks, Mark!

Austin Film Festival is Coming! Interviewing for Story and Script Magazine.

October 12th, 2012    Subscribe To Our Feed

Just got my press pass for the Austin Film Festival. I will be interviewing writers and directors for the premiere issue of a new magazine called Story and Script, an imprint of Indie Slate magazine coming soon. Do you have your badge yet. Lots of great films and filmmakers coming to Austin next week.

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Kickstarter Campaign Underway – 10 Days To Go!

October 11th, 2012    Subscribe To Our Feed

Two-thirds of the way through my 30 day Kickstarter campaign, one-third of the way through funding.  Getting busy with it!  Come along for the ride!



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Saving the Farm on Kickstarter!

October 1st, 2012    Subscribe To Our Feed

I wanted to let you know about the book I am writing and the Kickstarter Campaign that I started to raise some money in order to hire an editor in order to get the book professionally edited.  I have posted the synopsis below and I have it all written down on my Kickstarter page that you can find by following this link:

If you are not familiar with Kickstarter here is a little more about what it is and how it works:
I am asking for your support on two levels.
First, please visit my Kickstarter page for Saving The Farm.  Will you pledge $10 or $15 to get a digital copy of the book when I get it finished?  If you want a hardback copy, there is a level you can pledge to get a hardback copy as well.

Second, I want to share the experience with as many people as possible, so please share my Kickstarter page with your friends.  The more people that know about the project the more successful it can be once the book is finished and published out to the world.
Here is my Facebook fan page as well, please like!
Thank you for your support!

Best Regards,

Richard Dean Johnson
(AKA John Robert Stuart)
Saving the Farm Synopsis:
“Saving The Farm” is a story about a reality TV show where the most interesting and illuminating conflicts happen behind the scenes. “Betting the Farm” is a best selling book by author and motivational speaker, John Robert Stuart. It deals with finding and marrying your soul mate. Bob’s newest book “Saving the Farm” outlines his principals for saving relationships at risk of failure. Promoting his book on a talk show we find that the host and his publisher have conspired to find 4 couples from the studio audience with relationship problems, even to the point where they are considering divorce. Bob is challenged on the spot to take these four couples on a week-long retreat where he can apply the principles outlined in his new book to their relationships and hopefully turn them around. An eccentric, yet successful TV show producer is hired to record the entire event for a reality TV show pilot to air on a major network.

Meet Ash our protagonist. Ashley’s a recent film school graduate and Bob Stuart’s nephew. He’s hired by his uncle on the cheap to create the “making of” documentary film of the event. Ashley hires his college girlfriend of three years, Melanie, as his assistant for the shoot, knowing that at the end of the production he’ll be moving to LA to pursue a dream career in film and she’ll be moving to New York to follow her own dream of working in costume design off Broadway. They travel with the cast and crew to “The Happy Life” bed and breakfast, a farm that has recently been converted to a B&B by an old retired couple. Ash’s documentary shows what’s really going on behind the scenes of the workshop and the reality TV show to the point where he runs the risk of making his egotistical uncle look bad. As Ash and Mel document relationships imploding and rebuilding themselves right before their very eyes, they discover the true meaning of unconditional love and wrestle with their own preconceived ideas about marriage and ultimately their future commitment to each other.

This story not only parodies reality TV, but also the cult-of-personality motivational industry, and comments on how we too often pay attention to the glitz and flash in society when real wisdom is usually available for free, right there under our noses, if we would just take time to notice.


Sunday at Cannes

May 17th, 2009    Subscribe To Our Feed

I gorgeous day in Cannes.  We had rain (mostly drizzle) on Friday followed by a beautiful day on Saturday.  I am sitting with in the cabana of our Tunisian friends right on the beach.  The Tunisians are awesome hosts to us and we hang out with them often.  They are happy to offer us a beer (or coffee) at 10am.  Yes the beach out in front of the cabana is topless, but somehow not all that spectacular because many women are, let’s just say, “retirement age”.  And yes there are the 60 year old bronzed men in speedos that let me know I am another country all together.

The busiest days at the Marche du Film (FIlm Market) are Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, so I am spending most of my time this afternoon setting up appointments with film reps and distributors on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Thursday we may just take the day and see some sights away from Cannes.

Monday evening we are hosting a reception sponsored by Spiderwood Studios and the Austin Film Commission.   We will be having some fun and will take a bunch of photos for everyone to see.  In the mean time we have some invitations to pass out.

I am rushing to get to my next meeting.

I upload my photos to my facebook account.  Be my friend by looking up by “Richard Dean Johnson” on Facebook.  I can post to FB from my iPhone and I post smaller notes more regularly since I have it with me all the time.  The laptop gets heavy to carry around in addition to the promitonal materials that I carry around with me.

Also, my friend David Anderson is a voice on KVET in Austin.  He blogs more regularly than I do and you can see his posts at  He calls into the Bucky and Bob show with daily (weekday) updates from Cannes as well.


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